YouTube Star Grant Thompson Dies At 38 In Paragliding Accident

Grant Thompson Died
Grant Thompson Dies

Youtube star Grant Thompson dies at 38 in a paragliding accident. The internet personality is known as “The King of Random,” passed away this week, an in memoriam video posted to his youtube page first announced

Grants’ brother Mark told TMZ that the Youtuber never came home after he went paragliding on the evening of July 29. Authorities discovered Grant’s body the following day. And his family Is still finding out details as to what happened.

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Grant Thompson started his highly successful youtube channel in 2010 to share “experiments, life hacks, and weekend projects,”. His page read in his almost 10 years on the platform.

He racked up billions of views and more than 11 million followers. In the wake of grant’s death, youtube shared a tweet in his memory calling him “A gifted passionate and endlessly curious creator” we send our deepest condolences to his loving family, the king of random team and fans,” it concluded.